Jill Yates


Tales of a Tea Leaf:
The Complete Guide to Tea Cuisine

A wonderful, fact-filled book detailing tea’s fascinating history, from its legends and lore to modern day science’s discovery of the healing powers of tea. Learn about the wide world of teas, tea types and brewing methods, and enjoy dozens of delicious recipes--all made with tea.

Coffee Lover’s Bible:
Ode to the Divine Brew in Food, Fact & Fancy

"Yates' charming book is a salute to (the coffee lover's) spirit... The book is packed with coffee trivia, coffee quotes, and 101 recipes. The historical information is fascinating... The dessert selection includes everything from caffeinated mud pies to the Italian classic dessert Tiramisu."
--Topeka Capital-Journal

Selected Works

“Nicely done.”
--Tea House Times

“A terrific book!”
--Jennifer Petersen, Carnelian Rose Tea Company

“Fabulous recipes.”
--Tea A Magazine
A fascinating and delicious look into the history and mystery of the divine brew.