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Coffee Lover’s Bible:Ode to the Divine Brew
in Food, Fact & Fancy

“Coffee. The world's love affair with the divine brew has spanned centuries. Its rich aroma and fine flavor has inspired musicians and captivated kings, influenced a pope, and helped to liberate prisoners of war. It has been hoarded, hidden and hyped throughout history. Even the controversy over its health effects--good or bad--continues today. As a major export, its cultivation and consumption drives the economies of over 50 countries. Coffee gets us up in the morning and pushes us through the day. It is the universal elixir, part of the daily lives of millions worldwide. In short, it is a fascinating beverage whose powerful past and present-day popularity fuel the curiosity and cravings of even a casual coffee drinker."

--What role did coffee play in Marilyn Monroe's wedding to writer Arthur Miller?

--How did coffee help prisoners of war escape from WWII German stalags?

These and many other coffee facts, history and quotes are coupled with over 100 recipes containing coffee. Everything from sweet and rich coffee drinks to cakes, cookies, pies, brownies and tortes to sodas, shakes and even a few savory sauces and main dishes including Mocha Pecan Pie, Six-Layer Toffee Torte, Jumpin' Java Cookies, Cappuccino Brownies, Creamy Iced Coffee, Vanilla Almond and Coffee Fantasy.

But you don’t even have to like coffee to appreciate this book. The coffee facts, history and quotes coupled with its 100 recipes, ensure Coffee Lover’s Bible will be at home in your kitchen or on your coffee table.